Date Description
Sept 05 The foundations of the school have been laid, and the shell of the first floor has been erected.
Unfortunately we do not have any recent pictures to show how the development of the school is progressing. If you have any plans to visit Chijgam in the near future, we would be most grateful if you could take a few photographs of the school for this website.
Please contact Manoj Patel (Email: manoj@chijgam.com) to discuss how to send the photographs (all photographs will be returned).
Apr 05 The architect opened the tender from 15 April to 20 April, to invite contractors to submit their applications. Eight applications were received who were all interviewed at the architect’s office on the closing date.
All applicants were at a very high standard, but only one could be chosen. The architect offered the contract to a builder on the 21 April, who has formally accepted.Chhotubhai P Patel from Gosla Falia performed the Bhumi Pujan on 28 April 2005.
Mar 05 A new location was previously suggested to build the school, which has now been approved and acquired. The new school will be built opposite the Kajar near MM Street.
An architect was appointed to manage the whole project, he is also responsible to appoint a contractor.
Jan 04 UK meeting held in Coventry to get an update brief from Haribhai C Patel who recently visited India.
Plans for the new school is to demolish one of the two building first to start the building construction. The reason for this is to avoid disruption to the students and teachers. Once the first building is completed the second one will be demolished for the final building to be erected to complete the school project.
Dec 03 A meeting was held whilst Haribhai C Patel (UK) was visiting India in December 2003 to discuss updates regarding the school project. The meting was held in one of the classrooms in the current school, approximately 36 people attended. The main topic of the agenda was regarding the location of the new school. A new location for the new school had been identified in the village (behind MM Street); it was bigger than the original location. If the school were to be built at the new location, the old school would not have to be demolished; therefore it would cause less disruption to teachers and students.Bank account opened at Bank of Baroda in Panar, by the following people, Maganbhai P Patel, Khandubhai R Patel and Mahendrabhai V Patel. School Project and Updates proposed on www.chijgam.com
Nov 03 All Literature with regards to the School was distributed worldwide to all representatives.
Oct 03 Maganbhai P Patel briefed all in Chijgam, and New School Committee was formed. Constant talks with UK has been going on.
Aug 03 16th AGM in Wednesbury UK was held for all Chijgamvasi UK. Also present was guest Maganbhai P Patel (India) and others, who welcomed the School project. 7 Room donators were announced on the day. It was announced that this would be our first Chijgamvasi Worldwide Project.
July 03 It was proposed in Chijgam to re-construct the School, and representatives from Chijgam met up with proposals with Architects. Draft plans were developed and brought over to UK with several meetings after to discuss in great depth.
Early stages of School development, and 3 Room Donators from Toronto & Several Cash Donators from Montreal.
June 03 Babubhai P Patel (UK) was in Canada and briefed Toronto & Montreal Chijgamvasi of plans of developing the School.
May 03 Chijgamvasi UK, had a meeting with Dipakbhai B Patel (India) & Hemantbhai L Patel (Toronto) and talks on re-constructing the School was discussed.