Owners of the land of the selected site willingly donated land for the noble cause and were congratulated for being able to play a major part in the creation of this landmark. They are:

Dhirubhai Ranchhodbhai Patel
Gulabbhai Fakirbhai Patel
Lallubhai Chhibabhai Patel
Fakirbhai Dhanjibhai Patel
Balubhai Khapabhai Patel
Thakorbhai Chhibabhai Patel
Bhagubhai Babarbhai Patel
Chhotubhai Panchabhai Patel
Khandubhai Ranchhodbhai Patel
Babubhai Nathubhai Patel
Harshadbhai Prabhubhai Patel
Parshotbhai Morarbhai Patel
Ramanbhai Ranchhodbhai Patel

The following donated the murtis for the mandir:

Shree Ram, Laxman, Sitaji Murtees Mr Babubhai P Patel – UK
Shree Hanumanji Murti Mrs Hansaben D Patel – UK
Shree Jalarambapa Murti Mr Dhirubhai K Patel – India
Shree Ganesh Mr Harshadbhai B Patel – India
Radha and Krishna Mr Babubhai M Patel – India
Lord Shiva Mrs Pratibhaiben N Bupatker – India
Amba Maa Mr Naranbhai Tandel- India
Gayatri Maa Mr Babubhai M Patel – India
Saraswati Maa Mrs Hansaben DPatel – UK
Music Drums for Arti Mr Chhotubhai B Patel – Canada

The following are donations from the UK:

Name Donations
Late Shree Harshadbhai Keshavbhai Patel 701.00
Late Shree Dahyabhai Ranchhodbhai Patel:
Late Shree Vinodbhai D Patel
Navnitbhai D Patel
Dineshbhai D Patel
Ansuyaben B Patel
Hasuben N Patel
Urmilaben N Patel
Shree Dahyabhai Bhanabhai Patel 501.00
Shree Arvindbhai Shankarbhai Patel 200.00
Shree Babubhai Parbhubhai Patel 200.00
Shree Bhupendrabhai Keshavbhai Patel 200.00
Shree Dayubhai Dhirubhai Patel 200.00
Shree Dhirubhai Khapabhai Patel 215.00
Shree Gulabbhai Lallubhai Patel 200.00
Shree Haribhai Chhanabhai Patel 200.00
Shree Harishbhai Gulabbhai Patel 200.00
Shree Maheshbhai Chhotubhai Patel 200.00
Shree Nanubhai Lalabhai Patel 200.00
Shree Nanubhai Ranchhodbhai Patel 200.00
Shree Rohitbhai Babubhai Patel 101.00
Mrs Kamlaben Dhirubhai Patel 201.00
Mrs Sushilaben Kantibhai Patel 125.00
Mrs Savitaben Nathubhai Patel 116.00
Mrs Bhanuben Bhupendrabhai Patel 101.00
Mrs Vanitaben Manubhai Patel 101.00
Mrs Benaben Jagubhai Patel 55.00
Mrs Gitaben Rajkumar Patel 30.00
Mrs Kalpanaben Bharatbhai Patel 15.00
Mrs Lataben Arvindbhai Patel 30.00
Mrs Mrudulaben Pravinbhai Patel 20.00