Chijgam was one of the first villages in the Kanthavibhag with a purpose built road through the ‘kajor’ (salt ground).

The whole village united together, and with their help and support built this road about 45 years ago. It is approximately about 0.5ft deep and the size about 10x10ft (1 brass).

Since then and with the infrastructure and transport changing the roads had deteriorated over years and at one stage there were the worst road in the Kanthavibhag. But the road were re-built making again one of the best roads in the whole area. It stretches for about 2 miles and known as Abrama Road.

There is also a new road now built (Wadi Road) from Chijgam – Panar – Kanera – Malitalav.
This was part of the Nabard Rural Road Project and the agency undertook this project was Gandhi Road Builder. This  is approximately 6 km long at an estimated cost of Rs 55lakhs.