One of three projects to be undertaken were agreed on 18 November 1984, at the first meeting of Chijgamvasi. Due to circumstances our first AGM was held on 31 August 1986 and from here it was confirmed to continue with Crematorium project.

However it was unanimously agreed that we should first undertake to build a Crematorium and with that in mind five prominent members from our GAM , Ramanbhai L. Patel, Vinubhai R. Patel, Mohanbhai B. Patel, Chhotubhai C. Patel and Motibhai N. Patel were selected to assist in carrying out this project. We received a very enthusiastic response from them and soon a plan of the site was drawn up at an estimated cost of Rs. 1 Lakh, which was approved. It was suggested that Jilla Panchyat would assist with Rs 35,000 grant, which did not materialise.

It was reported at our AGM in 1989 that Crematorium work was in progress and our first payment of Rs. 50,000 was sent to Shree Ramanbhai L. Patel and further Rs. 25,000 were sent and the project came to a satisfactory completion.

Congratulation to Gamvasi for their effort!