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Our 2017 meeting is fast approaching and hopefully you will be able to attend the UK Chijgamvasi meeting in September. We have the following activities planned:

- Chijgam Bake-off competition which will be open to all ages. you will be able to show off your home cooking skills and bring them along on the day. We will have a selection of judges who will look at your creative cooking skills, taste & appearance. Feel free to cook anything i.e. cakes, cup cakes, cookies, biscuits, Indian snacks, mithai etc. Bring enough for a small sample of people can taste (5-10) people or more if you want to. A prize will be given to the best submission;

– Arts & Craft table for kids;

- Junior Pool Competition;

- Raffle;

- Chijgam Bonus Ball;

Please come along and help support your Gam

In UK Chijgamvasi have grown in numbers over the years since our first AGM which was in 1986.
But the very first meeting was held on 18 November 1984 with Shree Harshadbhai K Patel leading Chijgamvasi UK.

We tend to hold AGMs every year but due to circumstances it is not always possible. Our UK AGMs consist of all brothers and sisters of Chijgam and families with Chief guests. There is always food, beverages and entertainment at our AGMs.

These accounts must make us all proud to be Chijgamvasi but there is still a lot to be done. An united effort from us in UK, Canada, USA and the Middle Eastern countries could achieve even better results. Let us maintain our unity as Chijgamvasi and resolve our differences if and when the arise. If any of you are interested in Gam and wants to contribute in any way pease contact us.

It is encouraging to see that our younger generation is now taking active role in our activities.

All minutes prepared by Dayabhai D. Patel – Chijgamvasi UK Secretary.