Chijgamvasi UK formation

The residents of Chijgamvasi in the U.K have been meeting on occasions such as weddings and other social events and realising that not all of us knew each other. It emerged that we should organise an annual gathering for all Chijgamvasi residents in the U.K. This evolved during 1984. Dayabhai B Patel was approached by Late Shree Harshadbhai Keshavbhai Patel suggesting we ought to form an association of our villagevasi’s in the U.K.

On 18 November 1984, the first meeting of Chijgamvasi was organised under the leadership of Harshadbhai at Sharda Bhavan, Kingfield Road, Coventry, where Chijgamvasi were brought together.

The following adhoc committee was formed:

President Shree Harshadbhai K. Patel
Secretary Shree Dayubhai D. Patel
Treasurer Shree Motibhai G. Patel
Special representatives Shree Dahyabhai B. Patel (Coventry)
Harishbhai G. Patel (Leicester)

It was agreed that:

1. A membership fee of £25 p.a. to be collected from each family. Any projects undertaken, to be financed by donation from each member not exceeding £100 as and when required. No fees would be payable by a retired member and any payments received from them would be a donation.

2. The married girls of Chijgam with their husbands and family to be invited in the AGM (Sneh Sammelan), the first of which would be held in the Summer months.
3. Projects to be undertaken in the future were agreed as being:
– the Main Road leading to Chijgam from Abrama,
– a Bridge on Panar road,
– Crematorium and
– Provision of water for cattle in the summer.

A formal meeting was held at Harshadbhai’s residence on 17 February 1995 to organise our first AGM / Sammelan. It is said “man is helpless against the will of vidhata” and to our utmost horror, on 6 April 1985 we heard the shocking and saddest news that our beloved Harshadbhai was no longer with us. It was only five days ago that we had lunch together in one of his favourite restaurant in West End of London.

We were planning to hold a “shradhanjali” meeting when it was suggested by his brother Girishbhai and agreed by all present, that the best shradhanjali would be to fulfil his dreams of carrying out the GAM PROJECTS, and with that aim in mind we met on 5 June 1986 at Prince Williams in Coventry, where it was decided that Shree Bhupenrabhai K Patel be appointed president in place of his brother late Shree Harshadbhai K Patel. We decided to hold our first AGM/Sammelan on 31 August 1986.