Chijgamvasi UK August 2003 meeting

This year our 16th Annual General meeting was held on the 31st August,2003 at The Conservative Club in Wednesbury, West Midlands.

12:00noon-2:00pm: Getting together and entertainment.
2:00pm-3:30pm: Dinner.

Meeting commenced at 3:30pm with the presentation of flower bouquet to the special guests.

The secretary Dayubhai introduced members of the committee, special guests and friends, and then gave a speech about what had been done since the previous meeting. He then mentioned of other issues that needed to be discussed at this current meeting. Thereafter Haribhai our President and Dahyabhai our Vice President welcomed the guests and gave their speech and the following topics were discussed:

School in Chijgam.

Improve school facilities, where a more modern school would make a very good impression on outsiders visiting the school. It was suggested that we build a library and computer room in the school if funds were available and feasible. Other proposals are to build 7-8 classrooms on two floors as well as a meeting room within the school. Chijgam members in Canada have already donated money and there are three donators for classrooms.
It was suggested that each (brother) family here could make a donation of £150. Although any individuals who wanted to ‘purchase’ a whole classroom may also do so for which there was some considerable interest.
We would also try and get a government grant if applicable but no guarantee if we are looking to build a modern school and only if proposing to build a 4-classroom school. But a modern school is our aim as people have already commented on how our Mandir in Chijgam is one of the best in the area.

Water and Drainage system

The Indian government have said that they will contribute a large amount towards solving our water and drainage system problems.

There were also speeches from our special guests from India and UK:
Mr and Mrs Maganbhai P Patel (Gosla Falia)- Chijgam
Mr Chaganbhai Patel Borifalia, India
Mrs Sitaben Patel (Dhuna Falia) – Onjal, India
Mrs Jamnaben D Patel – Borifalia, India

Our chief guests were:
Mrs Nitaben (School Falia) and Mr Nareshbhai Patel (Navsari) from Walsall. They have donated £125 towards the Chijgam Fund.
Nareshbhai thanked the people of Chijgam for inviting him as their special guest. He mentioned the strength of our community and how the children of Chijgam are very important for the future and play an important role in moving the Gam forward.

Other news….

” It is also suggested that we keep in touch and communicate a lot more with our members Overseas to see what is happening there.

” We also spent a few minutes looking at the excellent Chijgam Web-site put together by Manish, Manoj and Ritesh. They have worked hard in producing this.

” Trophies were handed out to youth members for their academic & non-academic achievements, which included graduates, A Levels and GCSE results during the past year. See below at table.

” Mrs Benaben J Patel and Family from Birmingham donated the costs towards the food for the AGM.

” Mrs Bhanuben A Patel from Wednesbury produced and donated AGM 2002 photos and sold them to Chijgam members for a small price.

” Miss Dipika A Patel from Dudley also did an excellent dance. She is very talented.

” Minutes of the last meeting approved.
We would also like to thank all the people for all the effort they put in to make this day a great success, which included the preparation of food, the entertainment, games and to those who donated the prizes for the raffle, your hard work was very much appreciated. The raffle itself raised £186. See below at table.

The next AGM venue is yet to be decided.

The meeting ended with a group photograph of all the members who turned up. Meeting closed at 6.00pm.

Report prepared by Paresh A Patel – Assistant Secretary

Name Town Achievement
Alpesh D Patel London 3 A-Levels, All Grade ‘A’s
Dipika A Patel Dudley 5 A-Levels
Nikesh A Patel Dudley 11 GCSE’s, Grades ‘C’s and above
Nitiksha R Patel Walsall GCSE Gujarati
Pooja V Patel Coventry AS Level
Hina G Patel Luton Masters in Pharmacy – MPHARM
Kalika G Patel Luton 5 GCSE’s, Grads ‘C’s and above
Dipika A Patel Dudley Dance
Kirti D Patel Wolverhampton Driving

Sisters of Chijgam who attended the AGM were presented with a gift.

Name Town
Benaben J Patel Birmingham
Bhanuben N Patel Walsall
Gitaben R Patel Dudley
Indiraben D Patel Coventry
Jamnaben D Patel Borifalia, India
Kalpnaben B Patel Leicester
Lataben A Patel Dudley
Nitaben N Patel Walsall
Sitaben Patel Onjal, India
Varshaben A Patel Loughborough

Raffle Draw – co-ordinated by Ridhi, Sweta and Prashant

Prize No. Prize Donated By Winner
1 DVD Player Haribhai C Patel Varsha A Patel
2 Portable CD Player Paresh A Patel Hiten A Patel
3 Digital Cordless Phone Chijgam UK Dharti M Patel
4 Barbecue Chijgam UK Dharti M Patel
5 Computer Desk Naresh & Nita Patel Pankaj Patel
6 16 pc Glasses Set Gita & Rajkumar Patel Anaesh N Patel
7 Crystal Vase Dayubhai D Patel Pooja V Patel
8 Ganesh Murti Aman & Varsha Patel Pankaj Patel
9 Crystal Vase Leena M Patel Varsha A Patel
10 CD Rack Hiten A Patel Chaganbhai Patel
11 Metal Thermo Clock Nanubahi R Patel Ridhi V Patel
12 Glass Vase Gita & Rajkumar Patel Alpesh D Patel

All games were organised and co-ordinated by the Midlands Team of Wednesbury, West Bromwich & Wolverhampton.

Beat the Buzzer: Co-ordinated by Manish N Patel

Prize Donated By Winner
Who wants to be a millionaire game Chijgam UK Manoj B Patel – Coventry

How heavy is Hiten: Co-ordinator Leena M Patel

Prize Donated By Winner
Bathroom Scales Chijgam UK Arvindbhai Patel, Dudley

Name the Flags: Co-ordinated by Paresh A Patel

Prize Donated By Winner
Flight Bag Chijgam UK Sweta D Patel, Leicester

Count the Sweets: Co-ordinated by Hiten A Patel

Prize Donated By Winner
The Sweets Chijgam UK Dayubhai D Patel, London