Chijgamvasi Uk 1999 meeting

AGM/Sammelan held on 5 September in Coventry. This was restricted to entertainment programme and general discussion on activities for us in UK. Miss Lopa Harshadbhai Patel, daughter of our first president, gave us something to cheer about by announcing a donation of £1500 leaving it to us all to decide as to how it should be spent.

Dayubhai reported of incredible achievements of SATISH as a table tennis player from chijgam, who had represented and won many competitions nationally over the last ten years and was nominated to participate in US open championship. He had approached us for a possible sponsorship and £42 was donated by two youths at this meeting. Dayubhai agreed to approach prominent members of our samaj. An announcement was made in a meeting of The Association of Mandhata Samaj UK and the editor of Pragati even allocated a page outlining his achievements asking for donations but promoting sporting achievements was not taken seriously and there was no response from AMSUK members. Unfortunately the required finance was not raised in time and his application for USA visa failed.