Chijgamvasi UK 1994 meeting

AGM/ Sammelan held at Shree Krishna Mandir, West Bromwich. Dayubhai who was privileged to perform the ceremony of laying the foundation stone, which coincided with his visit to India was very much impressed with the part the temple building was playing in the life of Chijgamvasi. The Mandir was due to be completed in this year and the target date was Ramnavmi in April 1995. The following donations were announced.

Shree Ram, Laxman, Sitaji Murtees Mr Babubhai P Patel (UK)
Shree Hanumanji Murti Mrs Hansaben D Patel (India)
Shree Jalarambapa Murti Mrs Kamlaben D Patel (India)
Shree Ganesh Mr Harsdabhai B Patel (India)
Lord Shiva Mr Balubhai N Patel (India)
Radha & Krishna  
Amba Maa Mr Naranbhai Tandel (India)
Gayatri Maa  
Saraswati Maa Hansaben D Patel (UK)
Nandi, Kachbo,First Vagha (clothes) Mrs Urmilaben N Patel