CHIJGAM – In financial terms we may not match many of our villages in Kanthavibhag but in spite of that we have made a fair amount of impact on the life of our villagevasi.
Our village has a very pleasant natural surrounding. It is surrounded by sea coast in three directions and looking from a single spot (e.g. DEEPA TALAV) we are in a position to see nine neighbouring Villages i.e. Krishnapur, Onjal, Borifalia, Nani Kakrad, Moti Kakrad, Jogeswar, Sultanpur, Kalthan and Abrama.

There are number of unique achievements we should all be proud of:

Dr Dahyabhai Lalbhai from Chijgam was one of the first Doctors in Gujarat State. He studied at the GMC (Grant Medical College) in Bombay in 1940 and did his internship at Ahmedebad. During his medical profession he was a gold medallist in surgery. Chijgam was also one of the first among our Kantha Vibhag Villages to produce a chartered Accountant, Shree Keshavbhai Lalbhai and a soldier, Shree Maganbhai Panchabhai, who fought for our motherland, India in three separate wars against China and Pakistan. We also have Shree Balbubhai B Patel who was one of the first to complete a Phd in Gujarati in 1981 and who has now settled in Maryland, USA. We have one of the first Sisters of Chijgam to achieve a PhD in Biochemistry from University College London in 1995. Sejal Patel achieved this award and is now settled in London, UK and working for one of the largest Pharmaceutical companies in the World.
In sports we have Satish Thakorbhai making his mark in national Table Tennis tournaments.

We now have a beautiful Mandir,  school, a crematorium and some of the best roads in the area, linking us to Abrama to Navsari on one side and to Panar and Amalsad on the other.