New Talim Vidhyamandir Primary School – Chijgam

It was proposed that the New Talim Vidhyamandir Primary School in Chijgam should be re-developed. The school was approximately over 100 years old and begun to deteriorate.

Problems with the school included:

  • Cracked wall
  • Weakening building structure
  • Unstable roof
  • Poor sanitation
  • Small classrooms

A project was set-up to re-construct the school, and invited Chijgamvasi around the world give thier full support to successfully complete the development.

Many of us, including some of our parents and grandparents, studied at the school achieving excellent academic results and have all left with unforgettable memories.

The school was able to provide a solid educational foundation for Chijgam residents past and present and has produced many professional working people such as Doctors, Lawyers and Accountants.

The education at the school also helped some of us to set-up our own businesses and cross the waters to venture into other countries.

However, as the school building structure deteriorated, the working conditions also suffered, thus depriving the children to gain a decent education.

The project gave the children and teachers a more comfortable working environment, more classroom space, improved sanitation and overall better facilities. All this helped towards giving the children of Chijgam a better head start in life and producing even more working professionals.

Since the introduction of our own website ( we were able to make contacts with many Chijgamvasi living outside of India and would therefore promote this venture as our first ‘Chijgamvasi World-wide Project’.

The need for this project increased over the years and we all gave support together as one big family, which enabled us to successfully complete this project with ease.

This project was announced and welcomed in Toronto, Canada on 19 July 2003, where the Chijgamvasi from Toronto and Montreal gathered for a picnic. On 31 August 2003, this project was announced in the UK, at the 16th Annual General Meeting and was also welcomed.

It was decided that the design for the new school was to be approved. The plan showed that the new school will be built as one building, and will have approximately 10 rooms. It will also include separate toilets for boys and girls.

The proposed plan cost approximately Rs. 25.5 Lakhs. Each of the 10 rooms cost approximately Rs.1.5 Lakhs. The remaining Rs. 10.5 Lakhs covered the other costs such as the foundation, veranda/balcony, stairs, roof and toilets.
All donations are displayed within the school grounds

The below table lists the Chijgam representatives around the world.

Country Name E-mail Address
Kenya Girishbhai K Patel
India Chhotubhai P Patel N/A
Maganbhai P Patel N/A
Montreal Harshadbhai L Patel
Jagubhai L Patel
Toronto Arvindbhai B Patel
Dilipbhai R Patel
Piyushbhai M Patel
Sureshbhai P Patel
UAE (Dubai) Dajibhai D Patel N/A
Jayantibhai B Patel N/A
UK Haribhai C Patel N/A
Dahyabhai B Patel N/A
USA Babubhai P Patel N/A
Champakbhai S Patel N/A
Mangubhai S Patel
Vallabhbhai L Patel N/A
Udayanbhai V Patel