Chijgamvasi UK 1992 meeting

The AGM/Sammelan was held in Coventry on 19 July 1992.
It was reported that a mandir is planned to be build on a site Near Ramtalav and receipt books were being sent overseas looking for funds required. Haribhai on his visit to India was also given receipt books. It was reported that not all Gamvasi were happy with the proposed site. It was decided that we should obtain more information from Gam Committee. Dayubhai our secretary had written to the Gam Committee who had replied which was read out to the meeting. It emerged that there would be two mandirs, which was not considered to be in the interest of the unity of the Gam and it was generally agreed that the project should be co-ordinated by the Gam Committee. Dayubhai was instructed to write to both the parties requesting them to select a site easily accessible to the whole GAM.
This was finally agreed to be near Unkakaka’s Talavadi (where the Mandir now stands).
The following god loving, good-hearted owners of the land of the selected site, who willingly donated the land, are to be thanked for their generous donation for a noble cause and to be congratulated for being able to play a major part in the creation of this landmark. They are:

  • Dhirubhai Ranchhodbhai Patel
  • Lallubhai Chhibabhai Patel
  • Balubhai Khapabhai Patel
  • Bhagubhai Babarbhai Patel
  • Khandubhai Ranchhodbhai Patel
  • Harshadbhai Prabhubhai Patel
  • Ramanbhai Ranchhodbhai Patel
  • Gulabbhai Fakirbhai Patel
  • Fakirbhai Dhanjibhai Patel
  • Thakorbhai Chhibabhai Patel
  • Chhotubhai Panchabhai Patel
  • Babubhai Nathubhai Patel
  • Parshotbhai Morarbhai Patel

The building contract was signed with Shree Kishorbhai Lalji Chetaliya at an estimated cost of Rs. 6.1 Lakh. This was to be funded jointly by Chijgamvasi resident in the UK, Canada and Gamvasi in India.