Chijgamvasi Canada January 2003 meeting

On Sunday January 12th, 2003 a significant number of our Chijgamvasi gathered at the residence of Arvindbhai Bhikubhai Patel in Toronto Canada. We were pleased, as Manojbhai Babubhai Patel from Coventry England was able to join us. Manojbhai was able to share some in-depth information regarding as well the ongoing activates and work which is taking place. We were grateful to hear that so much is being done in Chijgam and other parts of the world. Furthermore, we are extremely grateful for those from the Chijgamvasi in the United Kingdom. We would like to wish you all a job well done for initiating such a creative and informative website. Additionally, Manojbhai has assured us, that information regarding the Canadian Chijgamvasi will be placed on the website. With this in mind, we will provide any required data, information, media and software required to complete and maintain this project. Once again, thank you very much for allowing us to participate in this wonderful venture. To conclude, below is a list with those who attended Arvindbhai Bhikubhai Patel’s residence on the date of January 12th, 2003.

1. Arvindbhai Bhikubhai Patel
2. Sureshbhai Parbhubhai Patel
3. Piyushbhai Motibhai Patel
4. Kanubhai Ranchodbhai Patel
5. Jayantibhai Bhikubhai Patel
6. Rajubhai Duralbhai Patel
7. Jitubhai Balubhai Patel
8. Pragneshbhai Arunbhai Patel
9. Dilipbhai Ramanbhai Patel
10. Jayeshbhai Ramanbhai Patel
11. Alpeshbhai Arvindbhai Patel
12. Rajanbhai Arvindbhai Patel