Chijgamvasi Canada Gayatri event

Shri. Jagubhai Lallubhai Patel,  born in Chijgam. M.M. Street, emigrated to Canada in 1972, he has spent 20 years with Gayatri Pariwar Youg Nirman Montreal, to which he founded with colleagues, to spread the message of Yugrishi Poojya Gurudev Shiram Sharma Acharya and Mata Bhagvatidevi Sharma. The main purpose of the mission is Vichar Kranti Abhiyan (thought revolution) and to bring divine virtue within human beings.

In 1996, His mission organized Ashwamedh Maha Yagna. Within this 3 day event, more than 35,000 people participated. Amoung these people, members of the Indian community and devotees from various parts of Canada and the United States also attended.

He received letters from Canadian Prime Jean Chrétien, Premier of Quebec Mr. Lucien Bouchard, Mayor of Montreal Pierre Bourque, and from Dr.. Pranavbhai Pandya (Organizer and Director of All World Gayatri Pariwar) acknowledging the success of this event.

In 2000, Jagubhai went to India to participate in Purnahuti Maha Yagna held in Hardwar. From Hardwar, he went to his birthplace in Chijgam. With Jagubhai’s suggestion, The RamjiMandhir Committee organized a 24 Kundi Gayatri Mahayagna in front of the mandhir. More than 2000 people participated in this yagna from several villages outside of Chijgam. The hard work of the main committee members gave way to the success of this event. The members include Shri. Khandubhai, Shri. Chhotubhai, Shri. Ramanbhai, Shri. Maganbhai, Shri.Babubhai, Shri. Ambelal, Shri. Ishvarbhai, and many other members of the community.