Currently we have a talaki panchad who is Girishbhai Juravasan. This person is elected and financed by the government and is constantly changed on a regular basis anything from 6 to 12 months, the normal duties would be to collate funds from taxes and do the financing and budgeting.

Also for Chijgam we have a surpunch (spokesperson for Chijgamvasi) who is currently Mrs Asha D. Patel, Dhuna Falia. This person is the villages representative for all issues such as election, speaking to the talaki panchad. This person is elected every 5 years, the people from Chijgam vote for this person. The process for election is there are 11 voting awards in Chijgam, 2 representatives from each ward stand forward and only 1 is chosen from voting, then finally from the 11 a committee is formed with the surpunch. These posts are voluntary and its a honorary service.

In Chijgam there is approxiamtely 2400 people and there are 12 falia’s (streets). There is approximately 9 shops situated throughout the village providing groceries to household items. There are regular mobile stalls going from falia to falia providing groceries, fish and clothing at your door.

The nearest banking facilities to Chijgam are Bank of Baroda which is based in Abrama and Panar. Valsad Jilla Bank which is also located in Abrama.

There are many businesses in the village, outside the village and across the globe who are Chijgam born. There is approximately 3 businesses in the village that provide a ‘one stop’ Mandap / Decoration / Wedding services. There are around 5 auto rickshaw goods vehicles that provide good transport and again 5 passenger auto rickshaws service seating up to 11 people to and from Abrama / Panar / Navsari and also for private hire.

The bus service at Chijgam are quite good compared to other gams, considering its about 16km from Navsari Bus Station which takes approximately 45 minutes. There are 10 buses that attend Chijgam daily from early hours to very late around 3 buses come in the evening. A journey from Chijgam direct to Navsari Bus Station is around Rs 6 with bus passes available to students only.

The main occupation in Chijgam is farming and there are people who work in the local city Navsari and some who travel as far as Surat and Valsad on a daily basis. Agriculture has always been a strong provider of income in Chijgam covering an area of 2 x 2km compared to Navsari which is 8.5sq km.

Names of Falias:

Agariya Falia
Daji Falia
Dhuna Falia
Gosla Falia
Jeka Falia
Jipa Falia
Makla Mithia (MM Street)
New Patel Street
Patel Falia
Pitamber Falia
Pitya Falia
School Falia

Names of Talav

  • Deepa Talav
  • Onya Talav
  • Ram Talav

Nearest Local Airport to Chijgam:
Surat 46kms north of Navsari by road, 30mins by train

Nearest International Airport to Chijgam:
Mumbai (Bombay) Airport 276kms south of Navsari by road, 4.5 hours by train

Nearest Railway Station to Chijgam:
Navsari 16kms, 45mins by bus. Navsari station has all the main railway link of the Western India Railway.

Nearest Major Cities to Chijgam:
Surat – 30kms
Valsad (Bilsar) – 50kms
Baroda (Vadodra) – 180kms
Bharuch – 80kms
Ahmedabad – 280kms
Mumbai – 260kms

There is an estimated population of over 500,000 in Navsari.