Ambaji Mandir 9th Anniversary

The 9th Anniversary of Shree Ambaji’s Mandir in Dhuna Falia was celebrated on Friday 12th December 2003. The anniversary celebrations began in the morning at 9.00am with a Puja, and Arti. Whilst the Puja was taking place lunch was also being prepared for the whole village. The Puja finished just after midday and was followed by lunch.
The evening show began at 7.00pm and lasted the whole evening and finished at 1am. Approximately 600 people attended in the evening. Haribhai C Patel from Coventry, UK was also in India at the time, and was asked to be guest of honour along with Arivindbhai Patel from Dhuna Falia and Balvantbhai G Patel of Kanchanzangha Travels.
There were many shows, which included wonderful dances from young girls and several comedy plays which portrayed real life scenarios. The evening ended with presentations for all those who took part and speeches from the guests of honour. The whole day was considered as a huge success.